Bar Mezzogiorno:
Daniel Maier-Reimer's journey Apennin as presented by Florian Hüttner

Opening: Thursday, May 3 at 6 pm

Exhibition: May 4–27, 2018

Opening hours: by appointment

Gallery Nectar
Bochorishvili St. 88/10 (next to the Presidential Library)
Tbilisi 0160, Georgia

+995 598 511 505

Bar Mezzogiorno: Daniel Maier-Reimer's journey Apennin, presented by Florian Hüttner, 2018. Daniel Maier-Reimer: the journey Apennin and a photograph of the journey, C-print 32 x 48 cm, mat, wooden frame 49 x 63.8 cm, finished in black gloss under Florian Hüttner’s supervision. Florian Hüttner: counter 108 x 328 x 60 cm, bar accessories, cafetiere and stove, fridge, shelving with spirits, devotional image Padre Pio, framed 30 x 24 cm, still from Pier Paolo Pasolini’s film The Hawks and the Sparrows, framed 18 x 22.2 cm, ceiling lamp, table with waxed cloth, ashtray, chairs, entrance sign BAR, dimensions and materials variable.

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