A G O U T I  -  Modell für (die radikale feindliche Übernahme von) after the butcher  (Schaufensterinstallation)


Grundrissplan  after the butcher :

Esszimmer | Wäsche | Terrasse | Herrenzimmer | Gemüsebeet | Toilette | Küche | Besenkammer | Wohnzimmer | Schlafzimmer | Wintergarten | Kinderzimmer | Gartenmauer |

... Another old-timer tells of encountering a rat pack in the cellar of a Brooklyn butcher shop: "I heard a noise and I turned around. My God, there were rats all over the place! On the pipes. On the floor. Poking their heads out of holes. I just plain panicked. I put one arm over my face and, yelling like a maniac, I went busting down the corridor looking for daylight. Well, those rats sarted jumping and squeaking and crashing into one another and screaming, and they were bouncing off my legs and I thought I'd have a heart attack. Halfway to the steps I fell down, but I never bothered trying to stand up. I went the rest of the way up the steps and into the street, breaking the world's record for crawling."

Robert Hendrickson, MORE CUNNING THAN MAN, New York, Kensington Books, 1983, p. 18